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Haner Construction


 was founded in its Southern NV version in Oct 98. The intent was, as idealistic as it sounds, to try and bring back the pride in craftsmanship that we felt had gone out of the business as a whole over the previous 10-15 years and in so doing, bring back the integrity and the fun.  

Trust the Best

We are firmly of the belief that if you’re doing your very best, from the top to the bottom, then you should be having fun, in the knowledge that you are part of something that you can be proud of, where there is a future and where the whole team has your back.

My style


 The idea was, and still is, to do more than just throw up a beautiful helix staircase, built in cabinet or custom home, manage its construction through finish, get paid and walk away from it.  We create relationships with our clients that...like our work, stand the test of time!

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Haner Construction

5201 Patricia Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130, United States

Kevin's Cell: 702.303.3402 Office: 702.804.1570 Fax:702.804.1571

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