About the Company

Haner Construction was founded in its Southern NV version in Oct 98. The intent was, as idealistic as it sounds, to try and bring back the pride in craftsmanship that we felt had gone out of the business as a whole over the previous 10-15 years and in so doing, bring back the integrity and the fun. We are firmly of the belief that if you’re doing your very best, from the top to the bottom, then you should be having fun, in the knowledge that you are part of something that you can be proud of, where there is a future and where the whole team has your back.

The idea was, and still is, to do more than just throw up a beautiful helix staircase, built in cabinet or custom home, manage its construction through finish, get paid and walk away from it. Though that is the idea at its most basic, we felt that if this is the way we are going to spend our days, weeks, years and indeed the greater part of our lives, then it should mean something more than that; it shouldn’t be as fleeting as that, it should mean something lasting.

From the way we approach difficult challenges in the field, or in the office, to the way we comport ourselves with our associates and clients; we felt this should be a reflection of the company. And what that reflection says to the casual observer should be,” These people really enjoy what they do, and they care about it.”

We’ve had some really wonderful clients since we’ve been in business here in Southern Nevada in the last 13 years, some great opportunities and many lasting, quality, business relationships which we attribute to these basic beliefs. From the initial meet and greet and the negotiations to the signing of the contract, managing the job-site during construction to the resolution of challenging issues in the field (which we all know, unfortunately, do exist), to the final payment and handshake, we believe this should be a positive experience, performed with integrity. It’s the journey, as well as the destination.

We look forward to serving the Southern California and Southern Nevada community for many years to come.

Our newly improved, stream lined website offers views into some of our best projects we’ve completed over the years for your perusal as well as an area for client feedback and a current projects area where you can watch your project unfold. As always we’ll have the friends and family area as well so you can get a feel for what we’re doing when we’re at the lake or just hanging around the pool with the kids and friends.

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